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Preparing for your visit

  • Please do your best to fill out the questionnaire that is sent to you when you book your visit as soon as possible. It is to be completed online and should take about 15 minutes. Having you fill this out in advance of the appointment means we can spend more time making progress on the issues at hand instead of on paperwork!

  • Have everything you use regularly for feeding readily available: this may include a nursing pillow, pump, bottles, formula, etc.

  • Try to feed your baby at a time where you expect him/her to be hungry again about 30 minutes into the appointment. This probably means starting a feed 2-2.5 hours before the appointment.

  • If your baby isn't hungry (or is frantically hungry!) at the appointment start time, don't worry. We will work with whatever situation we are in.

  • We love animals, but they can be a big distraction and can be possessive when new people meet the baby, so please have your pets in a separate area for the appointment.

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